Stem Cell Shoulder Treatment Brookfield

Why Have Invasive Surgery?

Stem Cell Therapy Can Regrow Cartilage And Bone

Stem cell and platelet rich plasma PRP can greatly reduce shoulder pain.

Spectrum Health regenerative medicine solutions for the shoulder can provide significant and lasting pain relief through the development of new cartilage, soft tissues and bone. Through significant research and clinical trials, scientists have been able to show that your body can heal itself given the right tools and resources. At Spectrum health, we utilize these medical findings to provide patients with some of the most advanced stem cell transplant and platelet rich plasma procedures to improve every day health and vitality for shoulder arthritis. At our center we have a dedicated federally regulated laboratory that is committed to the safe preparation of human stem cell and platelet blood platelet products. Shoulder pain due to osteoarthritis is treatable by using your own tissues to heal. These tissues when isolated in our lab can also stop inflammation, which is a cause of further degradation. Our doctors and clinic staff will always feel confident in delivering these stem cell solutions in order to manage your shoulder pain.

When you contact our clinic we pride ourselves on first stratifying patients so they know they are good candidates. During the initial consultation, we review X-rays with the patient so they understand anatomically the specific damage. The treatment plan is then developed based on each patients specific reiterative medicine needs.

How does Regenerative medicine work?

This medical specialty focuses on a patients own regenerative cells responsible for our own innate healing. Shoulder pain due to osteoarthritis is a condition that is a common musculoskeletal disease. Stem cell transplants and platelet rich plasma treatment for shoulder pain is a common solution to this debilitating process. This involves either a bone marrow or adipose mesenchymal source from a donors own body. These cells are used to create a reaction by concentrating the number of stem cell units and growth factors at the site of tissue damage.

What happens during procedure day?

We start by extracting a adipose or bone marrow mesenchymal tissue sample through a minimally invasive procedure. Subsequently, our lab technicians will concentrate the tissues through a centrifuging process to isolate the cells effective in tissue regeneration. During this time our staff will collect another sample of blood from the patient to isolate important growth factors responsible for healing. Once our lab personnel have prepared these specialized tissues then the physician will use ultrasound or fluoroscopic guidance to target the specific damaged tissues. This is mostly a painless procedure for the patient with few adverse effects.

What is Extracellular Fiber Matrix and why do we use?

This is a biologic scaffold used for the stem cells to bind and create new tissue. This accelerates the healing process for tissue regeneration. Please review the video below to understand further.