Stem Cell Knee Treatment Brookfield

Why Have Invasive Surgery?

Stem Cell Therapy Can Regrow Cartilage And Bone

Use stem cells to heal knee joint arthritis and reduce pain!

Spectrum Health regenerative medicine for arthritis of the knees is some of the most advanced medicine in the world concerning stem cell treatment. Our medical facility uses evidence based medicine that has been developed through extensive research globally to treat osteoarthritis knee pain. If you have sustained degeneration to cartilage or bone of the knee, stem cell treatment for knees can lead to better mobility, reduced pain and overall longevity to the joint. Physical rehabilitation following stem cell treatment is minimal in comparison to prolonged course post surgery or knee replacement.As knee pain due to aging or wear and tear is the most common, it is treatable with advanced use of combining stem cells, platelet rich plasma and/or umbilical cord blood allografts. Our doctors will discuss the options to each patient and formulate a custom plan meant for optimal regeneration of knee osteoarthritis.

What is Regenerative medicine?

This area of medicine focused on regenerating new tissue to achieve a desired effect. For our purpose, knee pain due to arthritis is the condition. Stem cell treatment for knee pain is the solution. Modern uses of regenerative medicine are quite new but in some ways has been recognized through greek mythology related to Prometheus and the regeneration of liver. Modern use of regenerative medicine is brought to life with current research over the last 2 decades with its many uses of treating neurodegenerative disorders, organ damage and its relation to healing new cells. New research of stem cells and other blood products have made it possible to treat joint disorders that we once believed replacement with artificial prosthesis as the only solution. This is by using a concentrated form of stem cells, plasma growth factor and platelets to start healing.

How does it work?

Our skilled physicians will perform a painless liposuction procedure in our office to isolate an adipose (fat) tissue sample. In our high complexity lab, it is then centrifuged under strict protocol to produce a concentrated stem cell product with high numbers of viable regenerative cells that start the cartilage repair process. During this period we then draw your blood and use a different protocol to isolate a platelet rich plasma (PRP) product that works with the stem cells to accelerate the growth of cartilage and bone. The final step involves injection of a stem cell and PRP tissue into the affected region of the knee. If extracellular matrix or umbilical cord blood stem cells are then selected as part of the tissue engineering process, it will be added at the time of injection of the knee joint.

What is Extracellular Fiber Matrix?