Stem Cell Hip Treatment Brookfield

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Stem cell and platelet rich plasma (PRP) can relieve hip arthritis.

At Spectrum Health, our goal is to provide advanced stem cell therapy to alleviate hip pain so you can avoid hip replacement surgery. Numerous clinical trials support the use of cell based therapies as a means of conservative treatment that is minimally invasive and carries a high patient satisfaction rate. Our health center has a high complexity CLIA certified lab where we perform advanced techniques to concentrate your own stem cells to regenerate bone, cartilage, and tendons. Degeneration of these tissue structures lead to many of our most common orthopedic problems in the hip such as labrum damage, cartilage tearing or degeneration, hip bursitis or trochanteric bursitis. Stem cell and PRP treatments can lead to tissue regeneration and inflammation pain.

These procedures are minimally invasive with a quick recovery.

Stem cells for orthopedic problems are derived from mesenchymal tissue that can be easily harvested from bone marrow or adipose fat tissue. The addition of platelet rich plasma is provided through a patient’s own blood and centrifuged using complex devices. Throughout the procedure it is only necessary to use local anesthetics such as lidocaine for pain relief which accomplishes very little patient discomfort. Bone marrow and adipose tissue harvesting is usually pain less with fast post-procedure recovery. Preparing the samples are done through FDA approved devices that have been specifically designed to acquire high cell counts and large concentration of growth factors seen to aid in repair of hip arthritis. The procedure is completed by using fluoroscopic guidance to localize the stem cells and PRP to the proper area for regeneration. Following the procedure, our team of physical rehabilitation experts will work with you to maximize the benefits provided by the stem cell therapy.

Our Doctor will meet with you initially to formulate a treatment plan that is Individualized for your hip arthritis treatment needs when ready to get started.

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What is Extracellular Fiber Matrix and why do we use?

This is a biologic scaffold used for the stem cells to bind and create new tissue. This accelerates the healing process for tissue regeneration. Please review the video below to understand further.