Your Primary and General Medicine Clinic

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We develop your medical care as a long-term and focused partnership between you and I.Our goals are to provide all levels of medical care while you are healthy and sick. Maintenance of your health is a constant that always catches up and we should stay watchful. Areas that are most important for our clinic to concentrate our care should be:

  • Define a clear maintenance plan for diet, lifestyle changes, medication management if needed, and treatment of any clear indicators of health decline.
  • Working closely with you to plan for health changes through coaching and case management.
  • Providing a central hub for all medical care with specialists and personal medical records.
  • Coordinating lab testing, referrals, important diagnostic and imaging studies.
  • Providing cost-effective solutions to achieve stable and affordable health goals and limit your financial exposure.
  • The collective experience of our physicians to provide complete medicine such as general medical care, psychiatric and addiction management, multidisciplinary interventional pain medicine and common orthopedic disease that leads to physical decline.

Our purpose will be to provide a full spectrum of care for all our valued patients. Above all, your comfort in our clinic and staff for these needs is our most important objective and crucial task.

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